January 2023 - Bachelorette and Bridal Shower

Sunday, January 22, 2023

For my bachelorette we went to dinner at Rustic Root. I had never been and will definitely go back because the spot is really cool but the food and drinks were on point! 

Per il mio bachelorette, sono andata a cena in un posto nuovo. Era non solo buono, ma il posto e' molto carino. 

After dinner, we walked the two blocks to Trailer Park - my favorite place! We danced ALL night and had a trailer that was our home base. It was SO much fun!
Dopo cena, siamo andati nel mio posto preferito per ballare. Abbiamo ballato tutta notte e ci siamo divertiti molto! 

The next afternoon, Christina hosted a Bridal Shower. It was delicious and beautiful. 
Il giorno dopo, la Christina ci ha ospitato per una bridal shower. Tutto era molto buono!

Beautiful and delicious spread

So special that my mom was able to join for the festivities 🤍

I felt so loved this weekend. Thank you! 🤍

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