November 2022 - Thanksgiving and Misc.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

November was a blur as all the months seem to be. We got some rain, so Gus got a chance to wear his raincoat.

Novembre e' passato velocemente come tutti I mesi ultimamente. E' piovuto allora ho messo l'impermeabile a Gus.

Our lemon tree exploded with tasty lemons.
Il nostro albero di limoni ha prodottto! 


Simone came down for Thanksgiving so we went out and about in North Park.
Simone e' venuto giu' per Thanksgiving allora siamo andati in giro a North Park.

Torta de le rose

Thanksgiving at the Marschinke's complete with Tom the Turkey.
Thanksgiving a casa de la Christina e Craig con il tacchino! 

November 2022 - Vanderpump Weekend

Sunday, November 13, 2022

One show that I love is Bravo's Vanderpump Rules. It follows the servers at Sur, a restaurant owned by Lisa Vanderpump, in Los Angeles. There are a few restaurants in LA and I had never been to any, so my friend Cristina and I decided to spend a weekend in LA and go to all of the restaurants. 

Uno show che mi piace si chiama Vanderpump Rules. Segue I camerieri di un ristorante a Los Angeles. Ci sono alcuni ristoranti e io non c'ero mai stata allora con la mia amica Cristina, siamo andati a Los Angeles per un weekend per andare nei ristoranti. 

We stayed at Short Stories Hotel which was right by the Grove and a quick Uber ride away from the restaurants. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous and perfectly located. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Siamo stati in un albergo molto carino che si chiama Short Stories. Era in un posto vicino ai ristoranti ed era bellissimo. 

The Grove

Simone lives in Los Angeles and was willing to spend the day with us and go to all the fun restaurants. 
Simone abita a Los Angeles ed ha passato la giornata con noi.

One stop by the hotel was the Urban Light art piece by the LACMA. Naturally, we stopped and did an entire photoshoot. 
Un posto vicino all'albergo era una installazione di luci. Ci siamo fermati per fare tante foto.

First restaurant of the night was Schwartz and Sandy's Lounge. This had just opened a week before we went so we were excited to be able to check it out. It was amazing - great food and wonderful drinks. 
Il primo posto era Schwartz and Sandy's. Questo era quello piu' nuovo ed eravamo contente che siamo riuscite ad andarci. 

One of the managers, Brett, came by and chatted with us and then asked us if we wanted to Facetime Tom Schwartz - YES. It was amazing. We are still talking about this now. So awesome.
Uno dei manager e' passato e ci ha chiesto se volevamo parlare con Tom Schwartz (uno dei owner). Era perfetto. 

Next up was Sur. This is one of the OG Vanderpump places. It was fun and we had the infamous goat cheese balls. 
Dopo c'era Sur. Questo e' uno dei posti originally di Vanderpump. Era bello e abbiamo preso un po' da mangiare. 

Peter was there!

Our final stop was at TomTom. This bar was packed and it was a ton of fun with some fun drinks. 
L'ultima fermata era TomTom. Questo bar era pieno e divertente con tante cocktail buone.

This was such a blast of a weekend and I am so glad I got to spend some time with Cristina!

October 2022 - Misc

Monday, October 31, 2022

Other randomness from October. Simone was in an improv class and had a show that we went up to see. He was probably the best - very funny! 

Altre cose in ottobre. Simone ha fatto uno show che siamo andati a vedere. Era il piu' bravo - molto divertente.

Matching with Gus!

We spent a Saturday morning at the Zoo and all the animals were out and active.
Siamo andati a lo zoo una mattina e tutti l'animali erano fuori.


Halloween at school:
She sells seashells by the seashore

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