Palazzo Pitti

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Today I went and saw the Palazzo Pitti again, but this time I went and saw the royal apartments. I love visiting palaces and this was no exception. The ceilings were high and had these beautiful frescoes painted on them that my neck hurt when I left from looking up so much! The apartment was gorgeous and there were three rooms that were done based on color- a green room, a blue room, and a red room. There were also these beautiful chandeliers all over and it just made me wonder what life would have been like to live in a palace. I went to the Palazzo Pitti today because it was rainy outside and this I could do inside and it worked out perfectly. It didn't rain too much, more of a drizzle, but I love this kind of weather so I loved being outside and under the mist. I also went and bought my train tickets for when I go to Venice in two weeks with Jeff. Nothing too exciting of a day especially because it was raining, but it was nice to have such a low-key day.

Oggi sono andata a vedere ancora il Palazzo Pitti. Questa volta però, sono andata a vedere gli apartamenti del palazzo. Aveva i soffiti alti ed erano dipinti in un modo così bello che mi faceva male il collo perche gli ho guardati così tanto. C'erano anche dei chandelier stupendi d'apertutto e anche quelli mi sono piacuti. Oggi a Firenze c'era molto nuvolo e pioveva un pò, però a me piace questo tempo e allora mi sono goduta una giornata sotto le nuvole.
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