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Sunday, March 2, 2008
All right, well I have lots to write about since I haven't written in a while so here goes. This past Friday, my cousin came down to visit me from Fidenza. She had studied Florence in school so knew all about the city and its history and especially about its architecture/art because she is studying architectural restoration, I think. Anyways, she took me all around Florence and we had so much fun! She knew/knows so much about the city that forget about a tour book or even a tour guide, go with my cousin! Our first stop was the church of San Lorenzo and there we saw the Libreria dei Medici which was pretty cool and then we saw the church which was also beautiful with these gorgeous paintings and sculptures inside. San Lorenzo though has two different steeples, a new one and an old one. We saw both. The new one I think was done by Michelangelo, but they were/are both absolutely gorgeous. We then walked to the Ospedale degli Innocenti and the chiesa di Santissima Annunziata which were both places that I had never been to yet they are somewhat near my apartment. From there, we crossed the Arno and went and saw the church of Santo Spirito. This church was interesting because it was the last church that Brunelleschi designed, but he wasn't alive to see it done so some things are done in his style and others were/are modified. It was really pretty though and I really enjoyed seeing it. We went and ate lunch in a restaurant in Piazza della Signoria and after lunch we went and saw Santa Croce which is right by my apartment. I hadn't seen inside of the church yet even though I live almost next door to it and it is a beautiful church. It has all this history to it too and a beautiful garden area inside and it is just absolutely gorgeous and I'm really glad I got the chance to see it. After that though, it was time to go so we left but I had such a great time walking around and being a total tourist with my cousin so hopefully she can come back and show me around some more.

Venerdi' scorso, e' venuta mia cugina di Fidenza a trovarmi. Lei ha studiato tanto Firenze e mi ha portato in giro a vedere tutta la citta'. Abbiamo cominciato la nostra giornata andando a vedere la chiesa di San Lorenzo e gli abbiamo anche visto la libreria dei Medici e anche la chiesa. La chiesa ha due cappelle, una nuova e una vecchia. La nuova e' stata fatta da Michelangelo ed e' bellissima! Pero' devo dire che tutte due sono stupende. Dopo abbiamo caminato al'Ospedale degli Innocenti e la chiesa della Santissima Annunziata che io non sappevo neanche che cosa erano. Dopo di che', abbiamo attraversato l'Arno e siamo andate a vedere la chiesa di Santo Spirito. Questa chiesa e' interessante perche e' l'ultima chiesa che ha disegnato Brunelleschi pero' lui e' morto prima che non fosse finita la chiesa. Per questo motivo, ci sono certe parte sue ma altre parte che non erano nel suo disegno. Siamo andati dopo a mangiare in un ristorante nella Piazza della Signoria e dopo siamo andate a vedere la chiesa di Santa Croce che e' molto vicino a dove abbito io. La chiesa e' bellissima e sono molto contenta che la sono andata a vedere. Ho goduto molto andare in giro per Firenze con la mia cugina perche lei sappeva cosi' tanto che mi ha insegnato molto. Non vedo l'ora che puo' tornare che cosi' possiamo andare a vedere tutto quello che ci siamo mancate!

Nuova Cappella di San Lorenzo

Santissima Annunziata

Inside of Santo Spirito

Santo Spirito

Santa Croce
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