Monday, March 17, 2008
On Monday, Jeff and I went to Pisa. I had already been to Pisa once before, but it had been a while since I've been back. We took a train from Florence and got to Pisa around 5PM. The walk to the tower was nice and since the weather was nice, we enjoyed it. The tower was amazing and we decided to climb it. They just reopened the tower a few years ago and when I had gone, it was closed so it was fun to be able to go up. The walk up the tower is pretty crazy. You can't really tell that it is leaning except for in certain parts. When we got to what we thought was the top, first of all the few was amazing, but secondly, the guard took us up even higher! Then, once we were even higher, we went even higher! In the end, we walked the entire way up to the very tip-top of the tower. The view from up there was amazing! You could see the entire city and then some! But, from the top, you couldn't tell that the tower is leaning. Walking down I think was harder than walking up because you feel like you are going to fall. Thankfully, we made it down okay and then we walked back to the station because we had to take the train back to Florence. We had a great time in Pisa and I'm really glad that we got to walk up it.

Lunedi', io e Jeff siamo andati a Pisa. Abbiamo caminato dalla stazione fino alle torre ed era una passeggiata belle perche c'era bel tempo. La torre e' molto belle e quando siamo arrivati, abbiamo deciso di andarci sopra. La caminata fino su e' belle e non si nota che la torre non e' dritta. Quando siamo arrivati fino in alto, siamo andati piu' alto ancora. La vista dal cocuzzolo e' molto bello perche si vede tutta la citta'. Pero, non si nota che non e' dritta. Io penso che era piu' dificile a caminare giu' dalla torre che non su perche io mi sentivo che cadevo e non mi piaceva sentirmi di cadere. Ci siamo divertiti molto a Pisa e sono molto contenta che siamo andati fino in alto alla torre.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Jeff holding the tower up

Santa Maria Assunta (Duomo di Pisa)

Another shot of the tower

Me and Jeff at the top of the tower

Jeff as we are walking back down the tower. The staircases were slightly narrow.

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