21st Birthday

Friday, October 10, 2008
Hello to all! I haven't posted in quite a while because I really haven't had too much to post about. For my 21st birthday, the family and I went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, a.k.a., my favorite restaurant. It lived up to its name and the food and cheeseckae was wonderful! Since my birthday was on a Tuesday and I wanted to go to Vegas, Jeff and I met up in Vegas that Thursday and spent the weekend there. We had a blast! We didn't go see any shows, but we walked the strip (a lot), shopped, hung out by the pool, and played blackjack. Surprisingly, we both ended up winning money so we were pretty happy. My present from my parents was a new camera and the new camera is fabulous! I can take pictures underwater with it (it's waterproof) and it has more megapixels than my old camera. Jeff got me the Breil watch that I have been pining after ever since I saw my cousin Elena's Breil watch. I love it! Next week is Fall Break so I am going to Los Angeles to visit Jeff for a few days and I'm really excited about that!

Ciao! Per il mio compleano, sono andata a mangiare fuori al Cheesecakse Factory, il mio ristorante preferito. Il mio compleanno era un martedi' e io volevo andare a Las Vegas allora io e Jeff ci siamo andati quel giovedi' per il weekend. Ci siamo divertiti molto! Abbiamo visto tutta la parte principale di Vegas, siamo andati a fare un po' di shopping, ci siamo rilassati in piscina, e abbiamo giocato a 21. Eravamo contenti perche' sia io che lui abbiamo vinto dei soldi. I miei genitori mi hanno regalato una macchina fotografica nuova chemi lascia fare le foto sott'acqua. Jeff mi ha regalato un orologio Breil che mi piace molto! La prossima settimana vado a Los Angeles per un paio di giorni a trovare Jeff e non vedo l'ora di vederlo!

Komodo Dragon at Mandalay Bay

The Bellagio

In front of the fountain at the Wynn

Driving into the Strip

The fam at dinner

Me and Mom

Me and Dad

Me and Simone

Mom and Simone

At the pool

At the Venetian


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