January 19 - 24, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010
Well, it's raining here in San Francisco. Nothing I wasn't expecting, but it just hasn't stopped! It seems as if it has been raining the past 2 weeks (which it has). On a brighter note, it is supposed to stop on Wednesday, so fingers crossed that it will! This past week was uneventful. I had some promising interviews so now I just have to wait and hope that they get back to me with good news. I spent my week sleeping in, walking around with an umbrella, and cooking. The highlight of the week was that Clint Eastwood is filming a new movie here in San Francisco so Jeff and I waited around one night in hopes that we would see Matt Damon, but no luck. We did see Clint though so that was exciting (picture is kinda blurry, but you can still make him out). I went to the Farmer's Market on Thursday and I love going then because it is smaller but they have great stuff! I bought some delicious Page Tangerines and Satsuma's along with my usual bignes. It is also fun going because now the vendors know me and so we talk for a little bit and they throw in some extra goodies. I also spent a decent amount of time meandering through World Market. They have a ton of things from linens to tables to kitchenware to soaps and artwork. If you get the Sunday paper, they usually have a catalog where they list their specials for the week, which are all pretty good deals. I like spending time there because each time I go, I find a new section of items that I never realized they sold. The prices are pretty reasonable and if you buy things on sale, they are definitely worth it! This weekend, Jeff and I headed over to Tiburon to check on the boat (safe to report no damage from the storms) and the weather over there was very nice and warm and luckily, it didn't start raining/drizzling until we were leaving. This week it is more cooking and studying and continuing my search for a job! Have a marvelous week!

Qua piove a San Francisco. Sono gia' due settimane che piove. Dovrebbe smettere mercoledi' allora speriamo che smette da'vero! La settimana scorsa, ho avuto dei colloqui che sono andati bene e adesso devo solo aspettare che mi chiamano per offrirmi un lavoro. Non ho fatto molto la settimana scorsa, pero' ho dormito fino a tardi, ho fatto molto da mangiare, e ho caminato molto. Clint Eastwood sta girando un nuovo film vicino a casa mia e una sera io e Jeff siamo andati a guardare sperando di vedere Matt Damon. Non lo abbiamo visto, ma abbiamo visto Clint Eastwood (la foto non e' la piu' belle, pero' si vedo lo stesso). Giovedi' sono andata al mercato dove mi sono comprate dei mandarini buonissimi! Mi piace molto andare al mercato perche' visto che adesso ci vado tutte le settimane, mi conoscono, allora ci mettiamo a chiacherare un po'. Questa settimana non ho molto in programma allora studiero' e faro' molto da mangiare! Tanti saluti!

My guess? They don't want people parking there

View of the Bay Bridge after the rain

View of the city after the rain

Lovely hills

Clint Eastwood (he is leaning on the car, grey shirt blue coat)



View of the city from Tiburon

Looks like a cop sitting in his car, right?

Wrong! It's a dummy cop

My fridge...lots and lots of food and more to come!
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