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Monday, February 1, 2010
I meant to put this on my last blog, but figured it was worthy of its own blog. I started tracking how many miles I walk on a website ( just because I was curious as to how much I was walking. These are the routes I put in because they are the routes that I typically walk during the week:

Questo lo volevo mettere su il mio ultimo blog, pero' ho deciso che meritava uno da solo. Ho cominciato a tenere conto di quanto camino qua a San Francisco. Queste sono i percorsi che faccio di solito durante la settimana ed ero molto curiosa a vedere i numeri:

Library (Round Trip) - 1.11 miles
Biblioteca - 1.79 km

Picking up Jeff from Work (Round Trip) - 4.12 miles
Andare a prendere Jeff a lavoro - 6.63 km

St. Dominic's (Round Trip) - 2.75 miles
Messa - 4.43 km

Picking Up/Dropping Off Car (Round Trip) - 1.02 miles
Andare a prendere la macchina - 1.64 km

Union Square/Ferry Building/Trader Joe's/Safeway (Round Trip) - 4.57 miles
Fare spesa - 7.35 km

Trader Joe's/Safeway Direct Route (One Way) - 1.06 miles
Supermercato - 1.71 km
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