My Tulips

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
The tulips that Jeff brought me back from his trip are growing like crazy! We planted 24 bulbs and it looks as though there are over 30 tulips growing in our pots. I am convinced that each bulb had at least 3 tulips, so we'll see what happens with that. As of now, they are growing like crazy each day and I am just waiting for them to bloom because I want to put them in the apartment. I have been taking pictures of them every day to just see how fast they are growing. It has been fun opening our back door every day because they have literally exploded. Now it is just playing the waiting game and waiting for them to bloom (hopefully soon)!

Jeff mi aveva preso dei tulipani quando era andato in Tanzania. Sono tutti nei vasi fuori e adesso stiamo aspettando che crescano cosi' io li posso mettere nel appartamento. Sono cosi' belli perche' sono cosi' diversi tutti i giorni che non vedo l'ora di aprire la porta e vedere i tulipani che sono fioriti.

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