February 22 - 28, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010
This was an exciting week as I was (finally) offered a job as a Guest Services Agent (Front Desk) at the Hilton San Francisco Towers in Union Square. I started working today (hence the late post) and am very excited about this new development. Last week was spent enjoying my last week as an unemployed person. I went on a trip to Crate and Barrel to buy a mixer (thanks Mom!) and it was raining on my way home. A lot. I was drenched and the bag disintegrated. Literally. I have never seen that happen before, so as I am walking up the hill home, the handle breaks off as I pass Grace Cathedral. So I stop in a little alcove, put my umbrella away, put my hair up and my hood on, and pick up the bag. I don't know how I managed to finish walking home without dropping anything, but I managed. The bag, however, made it in pieces. I also went to the grocery store where I found a gigantic apple. I have never seen an apple this big in my life! Cutting it up to put in the macedonia was a chore because it was just so big! The last exciting thing that I did this week was become a member of the Aquarium by the Bay. I love aquariums and the membership pays for itself in 3 visits so it was definitely worth it! I am excited to go there anytime I want! This week (and the next few) will be filled with lots of training at the Hilton which I am very excited for! Happy week to everyone!

Questa era una settimana perfetta! Ho (finalmente) un lavoro all'Hilton e' ho cominciato oggi. Sono molto contenta del'lavoro e spero di godermelo. La settimana scorsa me la sono goduta molto! Sono andata al supermercato dove ho trovato una mela enorme! Non ho mai visto una mela cosi grande in vita mia! Sono diventata membra del acuario che c'e' in citta' perche' mi piace molto andarci e mi convenieva come prezzo diventare membra. E' piovuto molto il giorno che ho deciso di andare a prendere qualcosa da Crate and Barrel. Non e' stata un idea stupenda perche' la borsa mi si e' rotta completamente nel giro di 20 minuti. Pero', sono riuscita di arrivare a casa senza perdere niente! Questa settimana comincio il mio lavoro nuovo e sono molto contenta!

New Work

I LOVED the yellow door

My poor bag

Yummy Blueberry Muffins!

Plum, Apple, Orange

These apartments have a wonderful view of the bridge. So jealous

Pretty flowers

By the Wharf


Greatest parking spot. EVER.

Our spring time door decoration

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