April 12 - 18, 2010

Monday, April 19, 2010
This was a really fun week. I worked in the evenings last week so I made a ton of food on Monday so that Jeff would have dinner ready. I made more meat sauce and veggie fried rice. Both turned out delicious!

My garbage bowl a la Rachael Ray

Veggie Fried Rice

Meat Sauce

My dad was in town the last part of the week and we had a great time together! He made us so much food that when we went grocery shopping, we didn't know where to put the food! From pizza to risotto to salmon, my dad (along with Jeff) just cooked the whole time! It was very tasty though so we are not complaining!

Eating Fish and Chips on the Wharf

Fort Mason

Fort Mason

On the Cable Car

Hard at Work

Cooking in the Oven!

So tasty!

Loving every bite!

On Sunday morning, Jeff and I drove to Palo Alto to have breakfast with my friend Chris and my old swim coach Matt. We had a delicious breakfast at Stacks' and it was great seeing them and catching up!

Chris and Matt at Stanford - Chris won an award

Other than that, the week wasn't really that exciting, just same old everyday things! Have a great week!

Questa era una settimana divertente. Io ho lavorato alla sera allora ho fatto da mangiare lunedi' cosi' Jeff aveva da mangiare quando veniva a casa. Li ho fatto il ragu e il riso con i vegetali. Tutti due sono venuti buonissimi! Alla fine della settimana, e' venuto mio papa' a trovarci. Ci siamo divertiti molto andare in giro per la citta'. Ci ha fatto molto da mangiare - pizza, risotto, salmone - era tutto cosi buono e ci sono tanti avanzi buoni da mangiare! Ha insegnato a Jeff come fare tutte queste buone cose e sono molto contenta perche' adesso Jeff puo fare da mangiare! Buona settimana!

Herron at the Yacht Club
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