June 14 - 20, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010
This week nothing terribly exciting happened so not much to blog about on that front. But what I will blog about are some of my favorite things and places to shop here in San Francisco. One of my favorite stores has become Lululemon Athletica. They are amazing. They sell mostly yoga/exercise clothes and the clothes are so comfortable. I have three pairs of the same kind of crop yoga pants - they are all I wear! Their tank tops are also very comfortable and come in all sorts of fun colors. Prices are a little expensive, but definitely worth it and instead of putting items in a paper bag, they give you a reusable plastic bag (needless to say, I have quite the collection!). All in all, when I need new clothes, I shop there! They have these in other states (I saw one in Dallas) but not sure if they have a store in Salt Lake, they should definitely open on there though!
Questa settimana, non c'era molto di divertente che e' successo. Allora, io vi diro' un paio dei miei posti preferiti a San Francsico. Il primo posto si chiamo Lululemon Athletica. Loro vendono vestit per fare yoga e ginnastica. I vestiti sono tutti molto comodi, e io ne ho tanti! I vestiti ci sono in tanti colori molto belli e poi ti danno una borsa di plastica che puoi usare ancora per fare la spesa, metterci da mangiare, fare un pacchetto, be', ci puoi fare quello che vuoi!

Another fun little store I found is Omni Chemists. This is like a farmacia in Italy - they have everything! They even have some Italian soaps and body washes. It's a fun little store on Union Street that is perfect when I need really anything!
Il prossimo posto che ho trovato questa settimana si chiama Omni Chemists. Mi ricorda una farmacia in Italia, e mi piace tantissimo! Ci posso trovare tutto li ed e tutto messo aposto bene e vendono anche un paio di marche Italiane.

I went to a very tasty cafe the other morning for breakfast called La Boulange (de Union) and had an amazing french toast (bread pudding-esque) and a very tasty cappuccino served in a large bowl. This little cafe has numerous locations in San Francisco and they all have amazing pastries and tasty treats!
Sono andata a fare colazione in un posto che si chiama La Boulange, e loro hanno posti da per tutto! Fanno delle paste molto buone e non vedo l'ora di tornarci!

On Saturday, I went on a nice walk down Union Street and then down Greenwich. I saw some amazing homes there (as in at least $2 million plus) that had these gorgeous flowers outside. I love taking walks and seeing other homes and getting ideas for a home I could have in the future. On my way home, I stopped by a florist on Union to buy some gorgeous gerber daisies to place in my new vase that I had bought last week. I think it looks great!
Sono andata a fare una passeggiata sabato e mi sono trovata di fronte a delle case stupende. Case enorme con questi giardini e fiori fuori! Era molto bello vedere tutti questi giardini e fiori. Poi mi sono comprate dei fiori da mettere in casa nel vaso che mi sono presa la settimana scorsa. Stanno molto bene!

Finally, this week, I made myself (Jeff was having a guys' night with some friends) a very tasty dinner of farfalle in a cream sauce with peas and ham and it was very delicious!
Finalmente, mi sono fatte una pasta buonissima: farfalle con un sugo di crema con i piselli e il prosciutto. E venuta molto buona!

Insalata Caprese

My pretty new purse I bought from a consignment store on Polk

Have a wonderful week!
Buona settimana a tutti!
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