Laundry Day Mishaps

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeff and I try to do laundry once a week so that the hamper does not overflow. This week, however, it had been two weeks since our last load and we had not one, but TWO, overflowing hampers as well as a full bag. Not a good sign. We took our laundry to the laundromat across the street and got started. Our laundromat is pretty good, many washers and dryers. They have 2 medium sized washers and 2 large washers. We had to use the 2 large washers due to our large amount of laundry we had. That all went well and we loaded them up and went on our way (we had 22 minutes before we needed to switch). We went back to switch the laundry and put everything in the dryer (2 dryers) again, so far so good. Forty-eight minutes later, we go back in a rush to fold the clothes because we had a dinner appointment. We folded the darks no problem. Then, we opened the whites. Some things were still damp, not a big deal, it happens especially because we had a lot of clothes. What we weren't expecting was some of our clothes being burned. Luckily, our duvet cover and pillowcases took the brunt (or burnt?) of it and we had to throw those out. Also in the trash went one of Jeff's shirts. So we kept folding and took the clothes home. As we were unloading the clothes and putting them away, some of them had this burnt smell to them which was just not good. What I did, putting my Martha Stewart skills to good use, I hung the damp shirts/items and placed dryer sheets inside of them so that as they dry, hopefully the burned smell would leave. We went to dinner and came back and luckily the smell was mostly out of the clothes. Moral of the story? Don't overload a dryer regardless of size, and maybe, possibly, do laundry once a week.

Io e Jeff di solito facciamo il bucato una volta alla settimana perche' se' no, c'e' troppo da fare! Questa settimana pero', siamo andati due settimane senza fare il bucato ed eravamo quasi senza vestiti! Siamo andati a traverso la strada per fare il bucato ed abbiamo cominciato. Tutto e' andato bene con la lavatrice e poi siamo tornati per mettere tutto nel dryer, ancora, tutto bene. E dopo che tutto e andato male. Siamo ritornati per piegare i vestiti. Un bucato non e' andato cosi' bene. I vestiti bianchi si sono bruciati un po' si vede perch'e c'e'nerano troppi nel dryer. Meno male che l'unici che abbiamo dovuto buttare via e' stato un copriletto e copracuscini. Un paio di vestiti avevano un odore un po' bruciati allora quando siamo arrivati a casa, li ho sdraiati e ho messo un affare dentro che cosi' in tanto che si asciugavano potevano prendere un odore piu' buono. E' funzionato e adesso abbiamo tutto asciutto, con un odoro pulito, e io devo solo andare a prendere un copriletto nuovo! Il morale? Non mettere troppi vestiti nel dryer e bisogna fare il bucato una volta alla settimana!
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