Pacific Cup 2010 - The Middle

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If you've been following Jamani on the Pacific Cup website, you will have noticed that the little boat icon pertaining to Jamani has not been showing up. This is because their transponder, this little doo-hickey that emits a signal with their location and current speed/wind, has not been functioning properly. Do not worry, they are all doing very well and are calling in their positions every day (visible on the reports section of the Pacific Cup website). Luckily, they are not alone in this transponder malfunction, as quite a few boats are having the same issue. This could be caused by a few reasons, my guesses are that it is either (a) covered by a sail and therefore not able to emit a signal or (b) the transponder short circuited and is broken. But again, do not worry as all is well! Overall, they are looking great! Their ETA in Hawaii is July 19 in the morning which is less time than they took two years ago (two years ago it took them 12 days and arrived in the early evening on the 12th day) and they are just picking up speed as they keep heading towards Hawaii so hopefully they will arrive even earlier. Keep checking the Pacific Cup website for the most up to date information about Jamani (again on the reports page) and my next post will be after Hawaii!


Se state seguendo la barca, vedete che non c'e' il simbolo de la loro barca su il sito. Questo e' perche' il loro aggegio che da un segnale non funziona. Pero', tutto e' aposto e stanno andando molto a la svelta alle Hawaii! Si puo ancora vedere dove sono se uno guarda i report della gara. Per adesso, dovrebbero essere alle Hawaii nel mattino del 19 luglio. Questo sara' gia' meno tempo che non due anni fa' dove ci anno messo 12 giorni pero' arrivati nel pomeriggio. Continuate a guadare sul sito per vedere dove sono (guardando i report) e il mio prossimo blog sara' dopo le Hawaii!


Instructions to Follow Jamani (instruzioni per seguire Jamani):

1. Go to (andate):
2. Click/hover on (scegliete): Follow the Fleet
3. Click/hover on (scegliete): Daily Reports
4. Scroll down to Division C and look for Jamani. Andate giu' fino che' non vedete Division C e poi trovate Jamani.
3. Click on (scegliete): Satellite Tracker (NOTE: ONLY WORKS WITH FIREFOX/LAVORA SOLO CON FIREFOX)
4. Jamani is in Division C once the image appears. You may need to zoom in to see where all the boats are. (Jamani e' nella divisione C. C'e' il caso che dovete zoom per vedere bene dove sono tutte le barche!).
5. Their route
** : Daily Reports then Position Charts ** then Division C
6. Individual Track Chart
** : Daily Reports then Position Charts ** then under Track Charts ** click Division C then (at the bottom) Jamani

**NOTE** For the track charts and position charts, you will need to go through the same process every day to see the updates. The links included are the charts as far as Tuesday, July 13 (Wednesday's have not been updated as of 11:40 PDT) so go through the same steps to get the latest info.
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