August 9 - 15, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunset flying into LAX

This was a wonderful week! To start the week off right, Jamani returned at SFYC at 2am on Monday morning. I was there to greet them and they were very happy to be home. Then, I surprised Jeff (well, he somewhat knew) with a trip to Los Angeles. My coworker had a great deal on a room at the Beverly Hilton (aka where they have the Golden Globes and where all the celebs stay) that she wasn't going to be using and offered them to me. I couldn't pass up a great deal on a room and be in Los Angeles! So we flew to LA on Monday night and stayed at the Beverly Hilton for two nights. We had such a great time! Jeff was able to see a lot of his friends that he went to school with and I lounged by the amazing pool and wandered around Rodeo drive (with Jeff of course!).

Per cominciare la settimana, Jamani e' tornata lunedi' mattina alle 2. Dopo ho fatto una sorpresa a Jeff dicendoli che adesso andavamo a Los Angeles per due giorni. Una collega aveva una camera all'Hilton che lei non poteva usare allora la data a me. Io ho acettato subito e lunedi' sera, io e Jeff eravamo a Los Angeles! Ci siamo divertiti molto! Siamo andati in piscina, a passeggiare a Rodeo Drive, e Jeff ha visto i suoi amici del college. Ci siamo divertiti molto ed era quello che serviva!

View from our room

View from our room

Pretty flower arrangement

The hallways had lots and lots of mirrors

Favorite part about the trip


So many to choose from!

We picked 6 to take home and one to eat ASAP!

LA was just the mini-vacation we needed to start the week. Once back, nothing that exciting, just getting back into the swing of things for Jeff and work for me. Work is going well. We are on day 21 of a sell out (or 100% occupancy) so it's been pretty hectic, but fun. Jeff made dinner one night of rice pilaf and stuffed bell peppers. It turned out extremely delicious! That's all for this week! Hope everyone has a great one!

Dopo che siamo tornati, niente di speciale e' successo. Il lavoro sta andando molto bene, siamo al giorno number 21 di "sell-out." Questo sarebbe quando siamo pieni al 100%, e adesso siamo al giorno numero 21 che siamo pieni (o stra-pieni anche). Allora c'e' molto da fare, pero' si passa il tempo molto piu' a la svelta. Una sera, Jeff mi ha fatto da mangiare un risotto e poi dei peperoni ripieni. Era una cena molto buona! Buona settimana!

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