Jamani is Back!

Friday, August 13, 2010
Jamani is back! They docked at SFYC at 2:00am on Sunday night/Monday morning. I was there to meet them and they were so happy to be home! They had a wonderful trip home, a little rough here and there, but overall a huge success. They even caught a tuna! I don't have any pictures of their arrival because (1) it was 2am (2) there were deer grazing in the grass at SFYC that scared me and (3) I was tired and they were tired and we all just wanted to come back home. But the homecoming went well and life is now back to normal!

Jamani e' tornata! Sono arrivati alle due del mattino domenica sera/lunedi' mattino. Io ero li per salutarli ed erano molto contenti di essere a casa! Hanno avuto un viaggio molto bello nel tornare (hanno anche preso un pesce!). Non ho delle foto perche' c'era freddo, erano le due, ed eravamo tutti stanchi e volevamo solo andare a casa! Pero' sono arrivati molto bene, contenti, e felici e adesso tutto e gia' tornato a normale!
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