September 20 - 26, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My pretty tulips from Trader Joe's

Ahh and back to the summer weather it is here in San Francisco! Nice and hot days make for a very cranky and uncomfortable me! But I've made the most of it and we now have a decent amount of mini ice cream and sorbets in the freezer. Anyways, back to my week! Our gym (Chinatown YMCA) opened and Jeff and I started going. We love it! The pool has not opened yet (some issue with lighting) but we have been making full use of the gym! Since it's still brand new, the place is almost always empty (so far) which is nice. The machines are brand new and have virtual reality screens so I can be running through the Utah canyons or Los Angeles or Maine. It's pretty fun.
Siamo tornati al caldo a San Francisco! Ci sono della giornata caldissime (e non c'e' l'aria condizionata!) Pero', invece di essere di cattivo umore, mi sono comprate dei gelati mono-uso e adesso quando mi viene caldo, ne mangio uno! Ok, tornando alla settimana! La nostra palestra e' finalmente aperta e io e Jeff ci siamo gia' stati un paio di volte! Ci piace molto perche' tutto e' nuovo e luminoso. La piscina non e' ancora aperta, pero' la palestra e' perfetta. E' bello poi perche' sulle macchine, hanno degli schermi dove sembra che sto correndo nella foresta o sul mare. E' molto bello.

Last week, I also made some soup because I had a decent amount of veggies and it was cold (well, colder than it is now at least). The soup turned out extremely tasty (I made up the recipe, and it is a red/tomato spicy sausage soup) and needless to say, we have tons of leftovers!
La settimana scorsa, ho anche fatto del minestrone. Pero', ho fatto un minestrone rosso. E' venuto molto buono e ne avro' abastanza fino a natale!

On Saturday, after work, Jeff picked me up with the car and we had a few errands to run. We then decided to head to Golden Gate Park since neither of us had ever really wandered around. It was beautiful! The sun was setting but we were in the shade the whole time and therefore, it was so pleasant and cool walking around the park. We found a waterfall, the polo field, the flower garden, and the windmill. We had so much fun!
Sabato, dopo che io ho finito di lavorare, Jeff mi e' venuto a prendere e siamo andati a fare un paio di giri. Dopo di che, abbiamo fatto un giro a Golden Gate Park. Era stupendo! Si stava molto bene fuori e abbiamo visto dei fiori bellissimi! Ci siamo divertiti molto e spero di tornarci presto!

Dhalia Garden

Sunset over the Pacific

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