Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Icicles in Salt Lake City

For Jeff's birthday, we decided to head down to Las Vegas for a little weekend getaway. We (I) found a great deal on flights (Virgin America) and a hotel (the Monte Carlo) and to Vegas we were headed! Little did we know what was also in town, the rodeo. It was exciting seeing all these cowboys in Vegas walking around in their cowboy outfits. We spent our days relaxing, walking around the hotels (lots and lots of Christmas decorations!), and eating. Vegas has so many tasty restaurants and snack shops, I wanted to try all of them! For Jeff's birthday dinner, we went to a restaurant at the Palazzo (attached to the Venetian) called Morels French Steakhouse. It. Was. AMAZING. Absolutely delicious. I didn't want to leave in hopes that they would keep bringing me more food. After dinner, we were able to catch the Mirage's volcano show. Neither of us had ever seen it and it was pretty fun to see. All in all, a great trip and just what we needed before the holidays! Oh, and the best quote from the trip? We were at a bar at Caesar's Palace getting some margaritas, and up walks a lady holding a yard-long margarita in one of those plastic cups. She comes up to the bar and says, "Anyway I can get some salt? I mean, what are they thinking serving margaritas with no salt?!" Jeff and I looked at each other and just laughed. We thought it was pretty hilarious that the lady drinking a margarita out of a yard-long plastic cup is upset that her drink isn't served with salt. Hope you get a good laugh out of it too!

Per il compleanno di Jeff, siamo andati a Las Vegas. Io ho trovato dei buon prezzi sul aereo e l'albergho allora siamo partiti! A Las Vegas, quel weekend, c'era anche il rodeo. Era bello vedere tutti i cowboy che c'erano! Abbiamo passato le giornate a caminando la strip a vedere tutti l'alberghi decorati per natale. A me piace molto tutti gli adobbi che ci sono! Per il compleanno di Jeff, siamo andati a mangiare in un ristorante francese che faceva le bistecche. Era buonissimo! Io non volevo andare via perche' volevo continuare a mangiare! Dopo di che, siamo andati a vedere il spetaccolo che fanno al MIrage con il vulcano. Era bello vederlo perche ne io ne Jeff l'avevamo mai visto. Era un weekend perfetto per cominciare questo periodo di natale!

(L) Bellagio Fountains (R) Christmas Tree at Aria

Jeff and I in front of Caesar's Palace

A Very Bellagio Christmas................................

Jean-Philippe Patisserie (The Bellagio).....................................

World's Largest Chocolate Fountain

(L) Such amazing pastries! (R) Our Nutella Crepe!

(L) Strip at night (R) Jeff and I in front of the Bellagio

(L) Me wishing on the wishing tree (R) Baby white tigers (5 months)

(L) Inside the Mirage's Atrium (R) Inside the Palazzo

The Palazzo after our amazing dinner

The Mirage Volcano
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