A "Roam"-ing Experience

Saturday, January 22, 2011
The other night, Jeff and I were in the mood for burgers and decided to go to a burger place that we always walked by on Union Street called Roam Burgers. It was nice and warm outside that night and so we decided to eat outside. After we ordered our burgers, we went and sat outside on Union Street. Our burgers were delivered and Jeff went inside to get some ketchup and napkins. As Jeff's inside, I'm sitting outside just looking around and people watching. All of a sudden, a homeless man walks by and takes Jeff's burger! All I could think to yell was, "SIR!" There were two guys walking by as well as another group of people sitting at a table nearby and they just looked at me and couldn't believe what happened! Jeff came back outside and I looked at him and go, "Babe! Someone just walked by and freaking took your burger!" Jeff couldn't believe it and stood still for a minute in awe. Then he walked back inside and the people at the counter were nice and couldn't believe what had happened (honestly, it was like out of a movie!) and they got Jeff another burger. On the bright side, the burgers were AMAZING and we will be going back, just maybe we'll get out ketchup and napkins before we go sit outside!

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