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Wednesday, April 27, 2011
First off, shout out to my dad because it's his birthday today! Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you!
Prima, tantissimi auguri a mio papa' perche' oggi e' il suo compleanno! Tanti auguri papa'!!

For Easter, Jeff and I headed south to Los Angeles. Jeff had an orientation for USC's med school and I met him down there on Friday night for the weekend. He had rented a car, and they gave him an awesome Nissan Cube. But really, no sure why anyone would buy this car.
Per pasqua, io e Jeff siamo andati a Los Angeles. Jeff aveva un affare alla scuola e io l'ho ragiungiato venerdi' sera. ui aveva noleggiato una macchina e l'hanno dato una macchina che proprio, non sappiamo come la gente la compera.

I thought this was neat that SFO has these water stations to refill
your personal water bottles. Of course, this was the one trip
that I left my water bottle at home.

We were pretty cool driving around town in the cube.

We really didn't do a whole lot down there, just slept in and drove around town finding all these new places and on Sunday morning, we went to brunch on the beach. Well, it was at a hotel that is across the street from the beach. It was super tasty and after we took a nice stroll on the beach and it was so relaxing. Hopefully we'll go back to LA in May and it'll be warmer so that we can get some sun!
Non abbiamo fatto molto a Los Angeles. Abbiamo dormito fino a tardi e poi siamo girati in macchina per scoprire tutti questi posti nuovi. Domenica siamo andati a mangiare in un posto vicino alla spiaggia allora dopo che avevamo finito di mangiare, siamo andati a fare una passeggiata sulla spiaggia. Speriamo di tornare a Los Angeles a maggio quando c'e' piu' caldo cosi' possiamo prendere un po' di sole!

We went to Bay Cities Italian Deli for lunch and they had this
entire cart of Easter eggs. We made out with some cookies,
chocolates, and risotto mix all imported from Italy.

Me in front of the hotel

At Santa Monica beach on Sunday. The weather could have been better.

We went for a walk on Larchmont Street because I had to buy
some Crumbs cupcakes. Never realized you could see the
Hollywood sign from there.

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