Over the river and through the woods, to Kirkwood skiing we go!

Thursday, April 7, 2011
A little late, but worth it! Jeff and I spent last weekend skiing in Kirkwood. We arrived up on Friday night after a quick drive from the city. We had heard from Jeff’s parents that there was a lot of snow, but since it’d been so warm in the city, we didn’t think too much of it. Boy were we surprised! There was a TON of snow! The roof had a continuous height of snow from the roof to the ground! It was crazy!

Un po’ tardi, pero’ molto divertente! Il weekend scorso, io e Jeff siamo andati a sciare a Kirkwood che e’ vicino a Lake Tahoe. Siamo arrivati su’ venerdi’ sera e c’era tantissima neve! Almeno tre metri din eve tutta compatata che sembrava cemento.

Saturday morning, we woke up eager to go ski. I got a great deal on a spring season pass ($99) and we started skiing! Around lunch time the sky began to cover up with clouds and the weather dropped. Then after lunch, it started raining so after a few good runs, Jeff and I called it a day and went back to the condo. We built a fire and played some fun games!

Sabato mattina, ci siamo svegliati e siamo andati a sciare! Al mattino, c’era il sole e poi verso mezzogiorno, le nuvole sono arrivate e la temperatura e’ calata. Dopo pranzo, siamo tornati fuori pero’ non abbiamo sciato molto perche’ era cominciato a piovere. Siamo tornati in casa e abbiamo acceso il camino e giocato dei giochi.

On Sunday, since we were leaving that day, we got an early start and were some of the first people on the slopes. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! Definitely spring skiing and we had some amazing runs. It was a little icy, but we managed. Jeff decided to film me on a few runs and sure enough, I had to fall on one of them!

Domenica mattino, visto che era l’ultimo giorno per sciare per noi, ci siamo svegliati presto. Eravamo tra I primi a sciare. C’era un giorno perfetto – tanto sole caldo, cielo blu, e piste (quasi) perfette! Io sono caduta un paio di volte, e menomale che Jeff ha ripreso tutto con la videocamera! Fa proprio ridere se uno mi vede sciare e poi cadere!

It is actually pretty hilarious in the video. Two things to note, one being that Jeff says go right and I go left, and secondly, I was skiing and then I just fell. Again, a very comical situation and I am still laughing about it. We left Sunday afternoon and stopped in Davis to say hi to some friends and then came home! We had a great weekend in the mountains and can’t wait to go back before the snow melts to ski some more!

Siamo partiti domenica pomeriggio e siamo andati a trovare degli amici a Davis (appena prima di San Francisco) e poi siamo tornati a casa. Ci siamo veramente divertiti e adesso stiamo cercando di tornare prima che tutta la neve si sciolga!


vicki jones said...

how fun! glad you had a great time! We have had amazing Spring snow here in Utah. Hope to see you again soon. need to introduce you to Damian. xo

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