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Monday, June 27, 2011
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We’re moving! It’s official! Jeff was accepted to USC back in January and we have now committed to USC so we are moving to Southern California in one month! I will be attending USC’s School of Education to get my masters in Education to teach Kindergarten. Luckily for me, my classes are online so I’m pretty flexible. We went down to LA this past weekend to look at apartments and decided to live in Pasadena. We found a great little temporary apartment that we will live in for about 6 months while we look for a place to buy. We are really excited about the move and the changes and hope it will all go well! I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we go along!

E’ ufficiale! Ci spostiamo a Los Angeles! Jeff e’ stato accettato a USC a gennaio e adesso abbiamo detto di si e allora ci spostiamo a Los Angeles fra un mese! Andro’ anche io a scuola per fare la maestra ai bambini piccolo. Meno male che le mie classi sono tutte su internet per cui io sono molto flessibile! Abbiamo deciso di abitare a Pasadena perche’ c’e’ un po’ piu’ da fare e poi la citta’ e’ molto carina. Ci siamo trovati un appartamento piccolo per adesso (sei mesi) intanto che guardiamo per un posto da comprare. Siamo molto contenti di questa nuova avventura e speriamo che tutto vada bene!

While we were in LA we did get to do some pretty fun things. We thought that the apartment signing and whatnot would take a while, but it only took about 30 minutes on Saturday morning so we had all weekend to hang out. The first thing that is worth mentioning is our room number. When Jeff and I came to LA with my parents in May, we stayed at the Beverly Hilton. Our room number was #303. We saw an apartment that weekend that we really liked and it was unit/apartment #303. We thought that was pretty funny how our room number and the apartment we liked had the same number. This weekend, we went to sign for our apartment and it is unit/apartment #309. Later, we went and checked into the Hilton and what was our room number? Room #309! We couldn’t believe it! Two times in a row our room number and apartment numbers are the same. Crazy!

Intanto che eravamo a Los Angeles, abbiamo fatto un paio di cose molto divertenti. Visto che tutto quello che dovevamo fare con l’appartamento ha richiesto solo 30 minuti, avevamo tutto il weekend per divertirci. La prima cosa strana e’ il numero della camera. Io e Jeff eravamo andati a Los Angeles con I miei a maggio per vedere degli appartamenti. Il numero della nostra camera era #303 e poi avevamo visto un appartamento che ci piaceva che era l’appartamento #303. Non ci abbiamo fatto caso, pensando che fosse solo per caso. Pero’ questo weekend, siamo andati a vedere il nostro appartamento a Pasadena ed era #309. Poi siamo andati in albergo, e indovina in che camera? Camera #309! Che strano! Due volte la nostra camera era lo stesso numero dell’ appartamento!

When I would go visit Jeff while he was still in school, there were some things that I absolutely had to do because you couldn’t do them in Salt Lake. One of them being Crumbs bakery with their fabulous cupcakes. This weekend, we were driving around and ended up by UCLA. We knew that UCLA has a place called Diddy Riese. This is an ice cream parlor of sorts that Jeff and I had already been to and loved. Now the greatest thing about Diddy is their ice cream sandwiches. You pick two freshly made cookies and an ice cream flavor and voila! Instant custom ice cream sandwich that is amazing! Good thing there isn’t one in Pasadena otherwise, I would be there all the time!

Quando andavo a visitare Jeff quando era a scuola, c’erano delle cose che assolutamente dovevo fare perche’ non c’erano a Salt Lake. Una di queste era andare da Crumbs per prendere delle cupcake. Questo weekend, stavamo guidando e siamo finiti vicino a UCLA. Sapevamo che c’era/c’e’ un posto a UCLA dove ti fanno un ice cream sandwich come vuoi te. Te scegli I due biscotti e poi il gusto di gelato e poi fatto! Sono buonissimi! Meno male che non c’e’ a Pasadena se no ci sarei sempre!

Mine (L): White chocolate chip and candy cookies with cookie and cream ice cream

Jeff (R): Snickerdoodle and white chocolate macadamia cookies with cookie dough ice cream

Another fun Jeff and I did was that on Sunday, we were driving around by where we are going to live and we ended up in a super nice neighborhood called San Marino. Now, I watch Brothers and Sisters on ABC and I knew that the show takes place in Pasadena. Jeff googled the show and sure enough, Nora’s house (she’s the mom on the show played by Sally Fields) was super close to where we were. We found it and took a picture. I was pretty excited about it!

Un'altra cosa divertente che io e Jeff abbiamo fatto era che domenica intanto che stavamo guidando attorno a dove poi andremo a vivere, ci siamo trovati in una zona molto bella chiamata San Marino. Io guardo Brothers and Sisters (Segreti di famiglia) e so che e’ ambientato a Pasadena. Jeff ha guardato su internet e ha trovato l’indirizzio per la casa. Noi siamo andati a vederla. E’ ancora piu’ bella dal vivo che non in televisione! Abbiamo fatto un paio di foto e poi siamo andati via.

Such a gorgeous house!

So excited!

Well, that about sums up these past two weeks for me and Jeff! I should be able to post a little more now that some things have settled down. Until next time!

Allora adesso siete tutti aggiornati sulle ultime due settimane! Speriamo che adesso che tutto e’ sistemato per l’appartamento io scrivero’ un po’ do piu’! A dopo!

There was a bike race going on across from the hotel.

They had Fiat 500!

Beach time!

This botanical garden is about 1.5 miles away from our new apartment

Magnolia trees! So fragrant!

Random side note. This picture of the Hilton Bora Bora

was in the Virgin America terminal at LAX.

Just reminded me of Tahiti! So beautiful!

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