Italy Days 1-5

Thursday, September 1, 2011
Ah Italy. What would I do without Italy? This was a last minute trip, but one that was much needed! I arrived last Friday and have been having so much fun! I really haven't been doing much other than relaxing and going to the pool and the beach. Basically, it's been fabulous! Enjoy the pictures and come back for more in a few days!
Ah l'Italia. Dove sarei senza di lei? Questo era un viaggio al ultimo momento ed era uno che serviva molto! Sono arrivata venerdi' scorsa e mi sto divertendo molto! Non faccio molto altro che mangiare, andare in piscina, ed al mare. Praticamente, mi sto godendo la mia vacanza da dio! Spero che vi piacciano le foto e tornate fra un paio di giorni per delle altre!

Dinner with my cousin.....................

Not the greatest pic, but me and my cousin Novella

Fiera della Spalla Cotta.......................
The first Saturday I was in town, we went to this festival that was close to Parma. They had all these fun carts with food that was typical of the area. This area has spalla cotta which is the shoulder of the pig that get cooked in boiling water and then served with bread. It's super tasty!
Sabato scorso sono andata alla Fiera della Spalla Cotta. Era buonissimo! C'erano tantissimi banchi con tante cose buona da mangiare! Servivano la spalla con queste foccacine buone buone!

I LOVE Fritto Misto. This one was super tasty because it had veggies and meat. Quite tasty.

Spalla Cotta hand carved.

Spalla Cotta with foccacine

My grandma made this gniocchio. It's base is the pasta for gniocchi,
but then it's stuffed with herbs, rictotta, cheese, and prosciutto. So delicious!

Castello di Torrechiara

Bosco di Corniglio...........................
My mom's cousin has this darling house in the mountains outside of Parma. We went up one afternoon and it was so nice and not as warm as in the city.
La cugina di mia mamma ha una casa a Bosco appena fuori di Parma. Noi siamo andati su un pomeriggio ed era cosi' piacevole! C'era molto piu' fresco li che non a Parma.

I stayed on this chair for a few hours.

We headed to dinner after where I got Tortelli d'erbette.

I've been coming to Italy my entire life. In the past 6 years that I've been coming I've always wanted to go to the Cinque Terre. For one reason or another, I never end up going. This year, I made sure I was going to make it! My aunt and uncle were kind enough to take me for the day and we had a fabulous time! Both my aunt and mom spent their childhood summers at this beach and it was fun to go there and hang out for the day. But now, I want to spend a summer here!
E' tutta la mia vita che vengo in Italia. Nei ultimi 6 anni ho sempre voluto andare alle Cinque Terre. Pero', per un motivo o un altro, non ci sono mai riuscita. Quest'anno, la mia zia e zio mi ci sono portati. Che bello che e' stato! Poi, mia mamma e zia passavano tutte l'estate a Monterosso, allora era bello vedere il posto. L'unica cosa, e che adesso anche io ci voglio andare per una estate completa!

La Spezia on the way in

Each little inlet is one of the Cinque Terre:
Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Corgnilia, e Monterosso

View from the Via Dell'Amore

There are grapes for wine that grow all along the mountains in the Cinque Terre.
It was pretty neat to be walking with the ocean on our left and vines on your right.

Made it!

So happy!

My aunt and uncle

Right before I got stung by a jellyfish

The beach doesn't have very much sand, it's all made up of these little rocks.
This part has larger rocks, but where I was, the rocks were very small and fine.

We were where the blue umbrellas are.

Il Gigante

We stopped for pizza and I got my usual pizza with
prosciutto crudo and rucola. So tasty!
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