Mini's Cupcakes

Friday, September 30, 2011

While out and about the other day, I realized that I could start my cupcake project! I headed to Mini's Cupcakes in Sugarhouse. I ordered the Pretty in Pink cupcake which is a vanilla bean cake with cream cheese frosting. I sat outside and ate my cupcake. When I first bit into it, I instantly tasted a hint of lemon. Then you really taste the vanilla and cream cheese. I'm a huge cream cheese fan, so it was ok for me, but if you don't like cream cheese, it could be overwhelming. The ratio of frosting to cake was a little heavy on the frosting, but still quite tasty! Overall, the cake had a nice, velvety texture and was quite tasty. The frosting had pink sugar crystals on top which gave the frosting a little crunch which was, I thought, an excellent addition. This was a great start to my project!

In tanto che ero fuori oggi, ho deciso che potevo cominciare il mio progetto delle cupcakes! Sono andata da Mini's Cupcakes. Ho ordinato una cupcake che si chiamava, Pretty in Pink, che e' una torta alla vaniglia con il frosting di cream cheese. Mi sono seduta fuori per mangiarla. Quando ho dato il mio primo morso, ho sentito del limone. Poi, si sente la vaniglia ed il cream cheese. A me piace molto il cream cheese, pero' se a te non piace, puo anche essere troppo. La torta era molto buona e poi c'erano questi tipo cristalli sul frosting che c'hanno dato un crocchantino perfetto! Era un bel modo per cominciare il mio progetto!

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