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Friday, November 18, 2011
I made (part of) dinner last night. I had found this recipe for Corn Chowder and have been wanting to make it for a few days. After finally making it to the store, I made the chowder. It was SO yummy! Granted, I maybe modified the recipe a tad (no jalapeno, and possibly a little extra cayenne pepper), but it was quite tasty! Nice and creamy and the veggies were perfect!

Ho fatto il primo per la cena ieri sera. Avevo trovato questa ricetta per una minestra ed era gia' un pio di giorni che la volevo fare. Dopo che sono finalmente andata al supermercato, l'ho fatta! Era molto buona!!! C'era dentro: cipolla e peperone rosso fatto andare in padella, poi, del brodo, mais, panna, un po' di bacon, patate, e pepperoncino in polvere. Perfetta per l'inverno! Bella cremosa e le verdure erano perfette!

4 pieces thick-sliced bacon, chopped (I chopped the bacon after I cooked it)
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
Salt and pepper
1 small jalapeno (I did not add this)
3 cloves garlic (I didn't add this)
1/4 cup Flour
4 cups chicken stock
2 large red potatoes, diced (I used three)
1 cup heavy cream
16 ounces frozen corn
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 bay leaf (I didn't add this)

Saute bacon until crisp and then transfer to plate with paper towels, reserving the grease. Add the onions and red pepper to pan and saute until tender (I then transferred to a soup pot because my sauce pan was not going to be able to hold everything). Add salt and pepper to taste. [This is where you would add the jalapeno and garlic]. Stir in the flour until combined (this did not work for me). Add chicken stock and potatoes and let simmer for about 10-15 minutes until potatoes are soft (I also added some bacon). Add cream, cayenne, corn, and bay leaf and let cook/simmer for another 15 minutes. Serve hot and top with chopped bacon.
Recipe from Food Network

It's quite difficult to take a picture of chowder and have it look good. 
But I promise, this was very tasty and VERY spicy! 

Then, I wanted to make cupcakes. But, I wanted to use cinnamon. I found this fabulous recipe for Apple Streusel Cinnamon Cupcakes. Mm, did they turn out good! There's a layer of cinnamon sugar in the middle and on top for a lovely little crunch. My brother claimed they needed frosting so I whipped up some buttercream and frosted a few.

Poi, ho deciso di fare delle cupcakes. Ho trovato una ricetta usando la cannella e delle mele. Sono venute molto buone! C'e' uno strato di zucchero e cannella in mezzo e in alto cosi' c'era venuto una specie di crosta. Simone ha voluto del frosting anche se non c'era nella ricetta, pero' io l'ho fatto (sono una sorella molto brava!).

Recipe from this book

Batter, cinnamon sugar, batter, melted butter, cinnamon sugar

Some of my best frosting thus far. YES. 
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