Thanksgiving 2011

Friday, November 25, 2011
We had a lovely Thanksgiving! The night before, I went over to Hannah's for a pie baking party. I had made the dough (from scratch, thankyouverymuch) the day before so just had to bake it first and then brought it over to Hannah's. I made a Cream Cheese Crust from the Food Network and it smelled super yummy! I made Pumpkin Cheesecake Swirl pie, which is basically a pumpkin pie with a layer of cheesecake on top - nice and light!
Abbiamo avuto un Thanksgiving molto bello. La sera prima, sono andata a casa di una mia amica per fare una torta. Avevo fatto la crosta la sera prima allora dovevo solo farla cuocere e poi era pronta da riempire. Ho fatto una crosta con il cream cheese che e' venuta abastanza buona. Per la torta, ho fatto una torta di zucca con in alto uno strato di Cheesecake - bella leggera!

The dough ready to be rolled out

Ready to cook!

Dried beans to keep the pie weighted down

All cooked! It shrank a little though, so lame.

Pumpkin filling

Cheesecake topping

Hannah made this amazing looking apple pie and 
a pumpkin cheesecake swirl pie.

The swirl part didn't really turn out well, but it was quite tasty!
Ci doveva essere una specie di disegno nella torta, pero' non mi e' venuto. Nonostante, era molto buona!

All baked!

On Thanksgiving morning, Hannah had talked me into doing the Cold Turkey Run 6K. And I did it. My goals were to (1) complete it in under 40 minutes and (2) run the entire downhill part. I can proudly say I did accomplish both goals. My time was about 38 minutes and I only walked for two very brief portions on the uphill and ran the whole way down. I was very proud. I'm not a runner and I can't even say that I trained for this run, so I was happy that I finished the race and had met my goals!
La mattina di Thanksgiving, ho fatto una corsa di 6 kilmetri con la Hannah. Avevo due cose che volevo fare: (1) finire entro 40 minuti e (2) correre tutta la parte indiscesa. Posso dire che l'ho fatto! Ho finito in 38 minuti e ho corso quasi tutta la gara tranne due parte piccole nella part in salita. Ero molto sodisfatta perche' io non sono una che corre, allora ero molto contenta di avere finito la gara e poi che l'ho fatto sotto i 40 minuti.
***UPDATE***Per the official results, my time was 37 minutes and 54 seconds; I finished 326th out of 656 participants.
Con i risultati officiali, ho fatto la gara in 37 minuti e 54 secondi; ho finito 326 su 656.


Then it was time to cook! My mom made this AMAZING vegetable torte that was truly heavenly. I would have been fine just eating that all day.
La mamma a fatto una tortina di vegetali buonissimi! Davvero, io avrei mangiato solo quello!

Then there were butternut squash ravioli - homemade, of course!
Poi c'erano i tortelli di zucca - tutti fatti a mano!

Then turkey, dressing, gravy, maple syrup sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc.
Poi c'era il tacchino, lo stuffing, il gravy, le patate con il maple syrup, il puree', etc.

From scratch cornbread


Maple syrup sweet potatoes

Then my pumpkin pie!
Poi la mia torta di zucca!

It was a lovely Thanksgiving and I am so thankful for so many things this year. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving as well!
Era un Thanksgiving molto bello e sono cosi' grata per tante cose quest'anno. Spero che anche voi avete avuto un buon Thanksgiving!
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