Sweet Tooth Fairy

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
I know you were worried that I had forgotten about my cupcake project, but nope! Before I headed to San Francisco, I decided to head to the Sweet Tooth Fairy to try a cupcake. Now, I ordered the Fairy Fetti cupcake, not the Vanilla. This is because (a) sprinkles in anything are awesome and (b) I, personally, am not a huge fan of their vanilla. The Fairy Fetti was amazing! Seriously. And I asked the lady how it was different and she informed me that it is in fact a different cake and frosting. So there. Reason why I can like the Fairy Fetti and not the Vanilla. The cake was cooked just perfectly and it almost had a slight crisp to the top layer which made it even better. The frosting just melted in your mouth and was just matched perfectly with the cake. So yummy! I’ll definitely be returning but only going for the Fairy Fetti!

Lo so che eravate procupati che mi ero scordata del mio progetto delle cupcakes, pero’ no! Appena prima di andare a San Francisco, ho deciso di andare al Sweet Tooth Fairy che e’ un postino a Salt Lake chef anno le cupcake. Allora, io, di solito, prendo sempre la cupcake alla vaniglia perche’ sono quelle che mi piacciono di piu’ Pero’, io ho gia’ avuto le loro cupcake alla vanglia e non mi piacciono molto. Allora ho preso una cupcake con le sprinkles che e in fatti, una ricetta diversa che quelle alla vaniglia. Era buonissima! La torta era cotta perfetta ed era proprio buona. Poi il frosting ti si scioglieva in bocca. Io ci tornero’ di sicura, pero’ prendero’ solo le cupcake con le sprinkles!

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