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Thursday, February 16, 2012
I spent the past weekend in Austin, Texas. I had never been to Austin before so I was very excited to be there! My friend Lila and I went to the Andrea Bocelli concert on Friday night. The concert was AMAZING. Truly. I was concerned because he didn't sing my favorite song, Con te partiro', but he ended up singing it in the 4th (yes, FOURTH) encore. Truly magical.
Ho passato il weekend scorso a Austin, Texas. Io non c'ero mai stata a Austin allora ero molto contenta di esserci. Io e la mia amica Lila siamo andata al concerto di Andrea Bocelli venerdi' sera. Era bellissimo! Ero un po' procupata perche' non aveva ancora cantanto la mia canzone preferita, Con te partiro', pero' la cantata alla fine. Era davvero bella!

Our seats weren't great, but not too bad!

So excited for the concert to start!

The lighting was really neat and changed with the music

Singing with Eglise Gutierrez

Apologies for the quality, but had to get a close-up!

Heather Headley singing Over the Rainbow

Singing with Heather Headley

Songs in the Video:
Brindisi - Ave Maria - La Donna e' Mobile - Mamma - Amazing Grace - Con te Partiro'

After the concert, we met up with our friend Cara. We hung out on 6th street (MADNESS!) and then called it a night.
Dopo il concerto, ci siamo incontrate con la nostra amica Cara. Siamo andati a 6th street (che casino!) e poi siamo andate a letto.

On Saturday, we went to the San Marcos outlets, where we saw some fabulous stores with some not-so-fabulous prices. Cara and I both ended up buying coats from Banana and then shower gel (random) from Crabtree and Evelyn. Lila bought some plates for her apartment (they have a Williams-Sonoma outlet).
Sabato siamo andate alle outlets dove abbiamo visto dei negozi belli con dei prezzi non molto belli. Io e Cara ci siamo comprate delle giacce da Banana e poi del sapone da Crabtree e Evelyn. Lila si e presa dei piatti per il suo apartamento.

Sunday was more low key because it was "icing." Not quite snow, but some flakes. In Texas. I was NOT happy, haha. But we made the most of it and headed to Allen's Boots to look for some cowboy boots. If only I had a $2000 budget to spend on cowboy boots, I would have left with a bag. Oh well. Then, we grabbed some munchies from the food trucks across the street and headed back to Lila's.
Domenica era piu' calma perche' c'era brutto tempo. C'era quasi neve. Io non ero contenta! Siamo andati a vedere delle scarpe di cowboy in un negozio famoso. Purtroppo, non ho $2000 (non scherzo) da spendere su un paio di scarpe che mi mettero tre volte. Amen. Poi abbiamo preso un paio di cose da mangiare dai camioncini e siamo tornati a casa della Lila.

Hilton Austin

Allen Boots!

So many choices!

Cara headed home on Sunday night, but I stayed until Monday. On Monday, I walked up to the state capitol building and meandered through it. It's truly a gorgeous building and is giant! I guess everything in Texas is bigger!
La Cara e andata a casa domenica sera, pero' io partivo lunedi'. Lunedi' ho caminato a vedere il municipio. E' un posto molto bello ed e enorme! Si vede che tutto nel Texas e' piu' grande!

Senate Chambers

House Chambers

Just in case you didn't know what state you were in

Even the lights are stars! (Lone Star State; Info here)

I thought this was pretty neat. All of the doors, on all three hinges, 
have these plaques. 

While in Texas I ate a TON of food. Seriously, lots! And Texas food is very healthy for you (note the sarcasm). As healthy as it may be, it sure is tasty! Lots of Tex-Mex and Mexican Martinis (a margarita with olive juice served in a martini glass with shaker). But oh so delicious! We even had fried chicken and champagne for dinner! We are classy people I tell ya! Anywho, the food was divine and I'm happy to say that I have now eaten Tex-Mex in Texas!
In tanto che ero a Texas, ho mangiato molto! E quello che si mangia nel Texas ti fa molto bene. Anche se non mi fa' molto bene, e davvero buono! Tanto Tex-Mex e Mexican Martinis (sono delle margartia con un po' di succo di olive e te lo portanto in un bicchiere di martini con il shaker). Pero' tutto era buono! Abbiamo anche mangiato il pollo fritto con lo champagne! Si mangia bene (anche se quando sono partita, volevo solo insalata!) e sono contenta di aver mangiato le cose tipiche di Texas.

My first Mexican Martini from Red's Porch!

Then we got queso, frito pie, chips, salsa...

Some jalapeno cheese poppers

And finally, some sliders! (Don't worry, we weren't able to finish it!)

Next morning, breakfast at Bacon

Make your own breakfast tacos - french fries and all!

You can see Lila's fried chicken and waffles (both with bacon), 
and my bacon, eggs, toast, and french fries. 
All fat free! ;-)

Steve (front left) used to work in SF, but is now in Austin. So we went out
with him and his partner Arnold to Maudie's for some Tex-Mex!

Across the street from Allen Boots, Hey Cupcake!

Fried chicken and champagne from Max's Wine Dive.
Honestly, it was so good!

Served with mashed potatoes and collard greens. MM-MMM!

It was a fabulous girls weekend and I can't wait to go back and see more!
Era un weekend molto bello e non vedo l'ora di tornare e vedere del altro!
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