A Day in Court

Saturday, February 4, 2012
My friend Hannah is in law school and she went and saw a sentencing in court the other day. Luckily for me, she invited me (after we did go to B&D's for Dollar Tuesday, but that's besides the point). I had never been inside an actual courtroom. Granted, I do watch some pretty awesome shows such as The Good Wife and I've seen my fair share of Law and Order, so I thought I knew what to expect. Nope! First off, no cell phones allowed inside, ok, no worries. Then, each of the judges has their own area/office space and it is all locked and whatnot. The courtroom itself was large and it was pretty neat. The federal courthouse here in Salt Lake is actually being rebuilt behind the current one, so the building we were in was pretty old. Nonetheless, it was pretty cool. Then the judge comes in and we heard from both sides and then he ruled. It was pretty intense because it is totally not like what you see on TV (shocker!). I'm glad I got to go because that ended up being my one new thing I did for January! Thanks Hannah!

La mia amica Hannah sta facendo scuola per essere avocata. Doveva andare in tribunale l'altro giorno per vedere una cosa allora mi ha invitato. Io non c'ero mai stata in tribunale. Era molto bello. Quello a Salt Lake e' uno federale allora tutto sicuro con tanta polizia, etc. Pero', ho visto un paio di serie televisive dove vanno in tribunale. Pero', non e' la stessa cosa! Tutti i giudici hanno la loro parte del tribunale che e' tutto sicuro e non ci si puo entrare (se ci lavori ci puoi). La stanza era molto grande ed era anche belle. C'erano tutte queste foto di giudici che avevano usato quella stanza. Poi quando il giudice ha detto quello che doveva dire, non era come nei film. Mi sono divertita andare a vedere una cosa nuova. Grazie Hannah!

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