Crawfish and Comedy

Monday, May 21, 2012
This weekend I went to a comedy club with my friends Hannah and Mattie. We started the night at Buckets O Crawfish in West Valley (new thing). It was pretty tasty and fun to eat with our hands! Then, we headed a block away to WiseGuys to see/hear Harland Williams (he was the cop in Dumb and Dumber) who was hilarious (new thing)! Seriously, our jaws hurt so bad as we left because we were laughing so hard. The weekend was a nice break from school and a great girl's night!
Questo weekend sono andata in un posto a sentire uno che fa il comico con due delle mie amiche. Abbiamo cominciato la sera mangiando i crawfish. Era abastanza buono e ci siamo divertite mangiare con le mani. Poi, siamo andati una strada in la a sentire Harland Williams che era buffo da dio! Davvero, quando siamo uscite, ci faceva male la bocca perche' avevamo riso cosi' tanto! Era un bel weekend e mi sono divertita passare del tempo con le mie amiche!

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