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Saturday, June 16, 2012
Yesterday, I went on a bike ride with my friend Melody. She was the 4th grade teacher that I worked with and is AMAZING!! Now, I don't have a bike, per se. I do have a beach cruiser. We rode all along the Jordan River Parkway and rode all the way to the International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake. I had no idea there was such a place, but it is truly gorgeous! It was such a fun ride and I'm excited that I'll be able to ride my bike more when I move to San Diego in August.

Ieri, sono andata a fare un giro in bici con la mia amica Melody. Quando ho fatto il mio tirocinio, lei era la maestra con cui lavoravo, e' bravissima! Io ho solo una bici che posso usare dove c'e' piatto. Lei ha scelto un giro che e' tutto piatto e molto bello. Siamo andati a questi giardini che io non sapevo che c'erano! Era molto bello perche' non c'era molto caldo e si stava bene in bici. Sono contenta perche' quando mi sposto a San Diego, usero' la mia bici molto di piu'.

International Peace Gardens.................

Had to get a picture in front of the Italy sign!

Love my bike! :)

Jordan River Parkway...............


coachodeeps said...

Guilia-We had our family pictures taken in the International Peace Gardens. It was beautiful, but needs work with many areas falling apart.

Where did you get your bike? Megan wants one and I would love to get her a nice cruiser that is comfy so we can use our bikes altogether as a family around SLC.

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