(Indoor) Climbing

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
This past weekend I went climbing for the first time at Momentum. It was such a fun experience! I was really nervous at first and my first time up, I didn't even make it to the top. The next few times I did and I was so proud of myself! They weren't difficult climbs at all, but I was still proud. The last climb I did was much trickier than I expected it to be and I had to take a few breaks to gather my thoughts and wits, but I made it to the top! I did learn one important lesson though, climbing and bad shoulders do not mix at all!
Questo weekend sono andata in una palestra dove si puo rampicare. Era molto divertente! Io avevo un po' di paura all'inizio perche' non sapevo come sarebbe andato. La mia prima volta, non sono manco arrivata in alto. Le prossime volte, c'e' l'ho fatta pero'! L'ultima che ho fatto era molto dificile e' ci ho messo un po' di tempo perche' mi sono fermata un paio di volte. Pero' c'e' l'ho fatta ed ero molto sodisfatta. Ho imparato che le spalle che fanno male e rampicare non vanno molto d'accordo!

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