Monday, July 9, 2012
My mom flew home from Palermo, but I flew to Bologna where my aunt and uncle picked me up and we headed to Riccione, which is on the Adriatic side of Italy for another few days at the beach. We did nothing but sit in the sun (I sat in the shade too because I had just spent four days in the sun in Palermo) and eat - it was perfect!
La mamma e' andata a casa da Palermo, pero' io sono tornata a Bologna dove sono poi andata a Riccione con i zii. Riccione e' sulla costa Adriatica de l'Italia e mi sono fatta altri due giorni al mare. Abbiamo solo preso il sole e mangiare - era perfetto!

We stayed at the Hotel Nautico right on the beach

View from my balcony

View from balcony

We didn't go here, but it still made me happy

Another view from the balcony. 
Those are rows of umbrellas/tents/chairs


Aunt and uncle at dinner

Spaghetti alle vongole nostrane (amazing!)

Fritto Misto

This was where we went to the beach both days.
Click on the picture for the website

All white/silver with rugs when you walk in

Where I camped out

They would wet the sand to create a path to the water
but also so you wouldn't burn your feet on the sand


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