Giants/Padres Game

Sunday, October 7, 2012
Last weekend, my friend Bryan and his partner Rob and their friend Rusty came down to San Diego to go to the Giants/Padres games. Naturally, I tagged along! On Saturday, it was Rob's birthday so we started our day in La Jolla at the Brockton Villa for brunch. My, oh my, was it divine! We ordered pomegranate mimosas that were heavenly and then I had their famous french toast. No french toast shall ever be as delicious. This just purely melted on your mouth.
La settimana scorsa, il mio amico Bryan, il suo partner Rob, e il loro amico Rusty sono venuti a San Diego per andare alla partita di beisbol dei Giants(SF)/Padres(SD). Naturalmente, ci sono andata anche io! Sabato era il compleanno di Rob e siamo andati a La Jolla (che e' a nord di San Diego) per brunch. Abbiamo ordinato delle mimosa (champagne e succo di frutta) al melograno che era buonissimo! Poi, io ho preso il french toast. Non ci sara' un french toast piu' buono! Questo proprio si scoglieva in bocca!

Brockton Villa (overlooks La Jolla Cove)

Pomegranate Mimosa

Melt in your mouth french toast

Happy Birthday Rob!

Bryan and I

The Hilton La Jolla Torey Pines Pool

Torey Pines

The reason Bryan, Rob, and Rusty came into town was for the Giants/Padres games. We went to two and they were so fun! The Giants lost the first game and looked like they were going to lose the second game but came back and rallied.
Il motivo perche erano venuti a San Diego era per andare alle partite di beisbol dei Giants di San Francisco contro i Padres di San Diego. La squadra di San Diego ha vinto la prima partita, e sembrava che vincessero anche la seconda. Pero', quelli di San Francisco sono riusciti a vincere la seconda partita.

We had awesome seats 17 rows back

Brandon Crawford pre-game

After the Giants won!
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