Saturday, October 27, 2012
PACT has been submitted and I am that much closer to being done with my master's!!! Woot-woot! PACT is required by both USC and the state of California for my teaching credential. It was an enormous task and I'm quite happy to be done with that.
La mia specie di tesi e consegnata e ho ancora un mese e poi avro' finito con il mio masters! La mia tesi si chiama PACT ed e necessaria per lo stato di California e il mio programma. Era una cosa abastanza pesante e sono molto contenta di averla consegnata!

On a lighter note, how about them Giants? Up 2-0 against the Tigers in the World Series, pretty awesome. I think it comes to no surprise that it's all because of me. Think about it: in 2010, the Giants won the World Series for the first time in ages and I was living in California. In 2011, I was living in SLC, and the Giants didn't really have an exemplary season. Fast forward to right now, Giants in the World Series. Just saying........GO GIANTS!!!!
I Giants di San Francisco sono nella World Series! Adesso sono avanti 2 partite a zero. Io penso che si solo perche' io sono tornata in California. Hanno vinto la World Series due anni fa (quando abitavo in California). L'anno scorso non sono venuti manco vicini. E poi, quest'anno, ci sono ancora, ed io abito in California. Allora io penso che stanno vincendo solo perche' ci sono io. Go Giants!!! 
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