Rose Parade 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
I had the most amazing opportunity to go to the Rose Parade in Pasadena this year with my roommate Noel. Her family has gone every year and this year, they were kind enough to invite me along. It was such an amazing experience!!! For those that are not familiar with the Rose Parade, it is held yearly in Pasadena, CA (right by LA). All of the floats are required to be 100% covered with organic material - typically in the form of seeds, plants, and/or flowers. The floats are completely brand new every year and are worked on year round (they have already begun to plan for next years' floats). People camp out on the streets to watch this parade. Fortunately, I had reserved bleacher seats in the front row so I had a nice warm bed! The parade was truly astonishing and it's crazy to think that everything that is visible on the float is covered with seeds/plants/flowers.
Quest'anno sono potuta andare alla Rose Parade che c'e' a Pasadena. La familia della mia amica ci va tutti gli anni e quest anno ci sono potuta andare anche io. Era una cosa che non mi scordero' mai! In questa parata, tutte le cose che si vedono sono fatte 100% con cose organiche - semi, piante, e fiori. Rifanno tutti i float ogni anno e hanno gia' cominciato a fare i float per l'anno prossimo. C'e' gente che dorme sulla strada per vedere la parata (io non ho dovuto fare cosi'!). Era una esperienza unica e sono cosi' contenta di esserci andata!

There's a TON of pics, but they are so cool! :)
Ci sono tante foto, pero' sono tutte belle! :)

Front row in these seats

There were people going down the slide as the float moved

Grand Marshal: Dr. Jane Goodall

Royal Court

Stanford and Wisconsin both had floats (the same) since they were
playing in the Rose Bowl

Only Stanford

If a float breaks, it still participates, just gets towed.
This was the only one towed

The dog with the guy in the black is the dog from the Artist

Those pictures? All made from seeds! 

Same for the sign: all seeds!

Real penguins on the HGTV float!

And a dog

The couple in the egg got married as the balloons were released

Stealth bomber flying over the parade

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