Hall of Champions Museum

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
After the Safari Park, I headed towards Balboa Park for some free museum time. On Tuesday's, San Diego residents get free admission to the museums in Balboa Park so it was a perfect chance to check off some museums. I headed towards the Hall of Champions Museum first.
Dopo che sono andata allo Safari Park, sono andata a Balboa Park per andare a dei musei. Il martedi', quelli che abitano a San Diego possono andare ai musei senza pagare. Visto che io voglio visitare tutti i musei quest'anno, era un tempo perfetto per andare a vederne un po'. Ho cominciato con il museo dello sport.

Unfortunately, I only brought my giant camera lens so it was super awkward trying to take pictures! I still managed to get quite a few, but I looked ridiculous standing across the museum taking pictures, haha.
Purtroppo, avevo solo portato la lente enorme per la macchina fotografica allora c'io messo un po' per fare le foto. Ne ho fatte tante, pero', facevo ridere perche' facevo le foto da l'altra parte del museo!

This was a Boston Braves uniform.

It was really cool seeing these old home plates. 



I was honestly standing across the room completely zoomed out
for this picture. 

It's a pretty neat museum and had some fun relics. 
E' un museo molto carino con delle cose storiche dello sport a San Diego. 
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