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Tuesday, April 16, 2013
On Saturday, I met up with Brooke and Jennifer (from my USC program) for a brunch. We brunched (it's a verb, check it) at One Pico which is inside the Shutters on the Beach hotel. Oh my. It was a beautiful place! The food was extremely tasty as well! Nor did the cocktails disappoint.
Sabato, mi sono incontrata con le mie amiche Brooke e Jennifer a Los Angeles per brunch. Siamo andate a mangiare in un ristorante dentro un albergho sul mare. Era stupdendo! Il mangiare era molto buono ed le cocktails erano ancora piu' buone!

We sat right by the window
French martini!!  YUM! 
So fun! 
Then, since I was already in LA, I thought it would be time to meet up with Arian (Jay's sister). She took me to the LA County Museum of Art which had some pretty neat exhibits. We wandered over to the La Brea Tar Pits right next door after the museum. Then, we ended our afternoon with a stop on Rodeo drive for some Crumbs. It was so much fun spending time with her! 
Poi, visto che ero gia' a Los Angeles, mi sono vista con la sorella di Jay, Arian. Lei mi ha portato al museo d'arte. Dopo di che, siamo andate a vedere le tar pits che sono di fianco. Alla fine del pomeriggio, siamo andate su Rodeo Drive per prendere delle cupcakes. Ci siamo divertite tantissimo!!! 

Right out front of LACMA

The view - you can see Hollywood!
This exhibit was pretty cool. It was called Metropolis II. All of the cars are custom made and they just constantly run through this giant city. 
Questa parte era molto bella. Tutte le macchine sono fatte a mano ed erano fatte per questa esposizione. 

Reunited with Crumbs!
I went with the Good Guy and the Cannoli. 
Excellent choices if I say so myself. :-) 
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