The Classroom Project

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Starting up a classroom is no cheap task! Between Staples, Target, Costco, IKEA, Lakeshore, and Barnes and Noble, I easily spent more money than I care to say setting up my classroom (think upwards of $700). School started and each weekend, I found myself back at those stores buying more things! I teach in a Catholic school where you'd think we would have more money. It's the complete opposite. We were asked to only have 2 trashcans in our rooms because the liners were getting too expensive!

Almost everything in my classroom are things that I have purchased out-of-pocket: borders, books, paper, markers, etc. I, very willingly, spend money to make sure I have extras of everything so that students have what they need for class. This adds up after a few weeks, months, and years. If I spent over $700 in the first month of school, I can't imagine how much I'll spend the rest of this year!

My students are there to learn. They can only be expected to learn if they have all of the tools they need. If students don't have pencils, whiteboard markers, erasers, or notebooks, they don't have their tools. If I don't have printer access, binders to store master copies, or paper, I don't have my tools. These Staples gift cards will go to a good cause in any classroom. I just hope one comes to mine!

The Classroom Project is a USC initiative for K-12 teachers to win one of 30 prizes that total over $3,000 to purchase classroom supplies. This campaign also gives a voice to educators everywhere that are spending money out of pocket for their classrooms. Now is the time for communities to show their support for teachers while raising awareness about the need for additional supplies in the classroom. 
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