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Monday, April 28, 2014
Since I was already on the East coast, I thought I would take a jaunt north and head to Washington DC to see Harry, Ian, and Cristina. 
Visto che ero gia' da l'altra parte del paese, ho deciso di andare a Washington DC per trovare altri amici. 

I arrived on Easter and Harry and Ian had a little Easter basket for me. Then, we headed to an amazing brunch where we met up with Cristina. 
Sono arrivata il giorno di Pasqua e Harry e Ian mi avevano fatto un cestino. Poi, siamo andati a brunch dovo ci ha incontrato la Cristina. 

Cherry Blossoms!

Monday, Ian took me all around DC (even after a flip-flop malfunction) and we toured all of the monuments. There were so many and so much walking, but we had so much fun! 
Lunedi', Ian mi ha portato d'apertutto a vedere i monumenti (anche dopo che mi si e' rotta la ciabatta!). Ci sono tanti monumenti e abbiamo caminato molto, pero' ci siamo divertiti! 

SUCH gorgeous colors!

----- Sculpture Garden -----

----- MLK Memorial -----

----- Jefferson Memorial -----

----- FDR Memorial -----

----- Washington Memorial & Jefferson Memorial -----

----- Lincoln Memorial -----

----- White House -----

Birmingham Boycott

Dorothy's Shoes

Boston Tea Party

Pieces of the original flag

Draft Wheel

Easter Eggs!

Presidential Memorbilia

How laundry was done

Original CPAP

Doll House

----- Julia Child's Kitchen -----

Tuesday, we headed to Arlington and then to the museums. We also headed to the Library of Congress which was probably my favorite stop! After the museums, we met up with Cristina and Harry and went to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where they make our money; no pics allowed!). It was really neat! If you go there, make sure you go early in the morning to get a ticket, otherwise, you can't get in. It was one of my top three favorite things I did on this trip - definitely worth it! 
Martedi', siamo andati a Arlington e poi a vedere i musei. Siamo andati alla Libreria di Congresso che era la mia cosa preferita! Dopo i musei, ci siamo incontrati con Cristina e Harry per vedere dove stampano i soldo. Era molto bello e una delle mie cose preferite che ho fatto. Ci siamo svegliati presto perche avevamo bisogno di un biglietto, pero', meritava! 

----- Arlington ------

Changing of the Guard

----- Library of Congress -----

----- US Capitol Building -----

Hope Diamond

Wednesday, Harry took the day off and we went to the Archives to see the Constitution and Declaration of Independence (no pics allowed!). That afternoon, we headed north to the National Cathedral. None of us had ever been so we ventured over. It was stunning and the views from the top were truly spectacular! That night, we met up with Cristina for drinks and dinner. 
Mercoledi', Harry non ha lavorato e siamo andati a vedere l'archivi dove ci sono tutti i documenti importanti. Quel pomeriggio, siamo andati a vedere al Catedrale Nazionale ed era proprio stupenda! Si vede cosi tanto e ci sono tantissime cose da vedere. Quella sera, ci siamo trovati ancora con la Cristina per aperitivi e cena. 

In LOVE with the houses


----- National Cathedral -----

This is the space window that has a moon rock in the middle

Cross made from stone of the 9/11 Pentagon site

All of the presidents and other notable Americans have
kneelers with their name and symbols that represent them

View from the top

Love them!

----- View flying out of DCA -----

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