Mother's Day 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014
With the help of my awesome dad, we planned a surprise visit for me to SLC over Mother's Day weekend. Marta came and picked me up and we surprised Simone. Then, we headed to see my mom, who was still at work. She was quite surprised. It was such a fun and much-needed weekend at home!
Con l'aiuto del papa, abbiamo fatto una sorpresa alla mamma per la festa della mamma. Sono potuta andare a casa un paio di giorni. La Marta mi e' venuta a prendere e poi siamo andati da Simone. Dopo di che, siamo andati dalla mamma. E' stata una vacanza molto bella!

Obviously, we made torta fritta

It was FREEZING in SLC, hence the
warm vest. 

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