Il Molinazzo

Monday, July 21, 2014
In the center of Parma there is a pop-up restaurant that is run by a famous Italian chef, Massimo Spigaroli. This pop-up serves lots of cured meats, salads, and sandwiches, along with artisan beer. One evening, my uncle and I stopped by and Chef Spigaroli was there. He graciously posed for a picture with me. 
Nel centro a Parma, c'e' un locale che e' aperto solo d'estate. E' un posto di Massimo Spigaroli, un cuoco famoso di Parma. Qua servono salumi nostrani, insalate, panini, e birre artigianali. Ci sono passata una sera con mio zio e Chef Spigaroli c'era e ha fatto la foto con me. 

Tangent: my grandma made my favorite cake, la Torta delle Rose.
It was AMAZING. 

My aunt took my cousin and I to this gorgeous pool in the middle of the hills just outside of Parma called Il Molinazzo. It was a gorgeous day and the pool was perfect!
La mia zia ha portato me e la Novella a questa piscina che c'e' a Lesignagno, Il Molinazzo. Era una giornata calda e la piscina era bella fredda. Era proprio bella!

One of the pools with the hills in the background.

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