Il Parmigiano Reggiano

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
My aunt and I took a tour of a parmesan factory that is near where my cousin lives. It was really cool seeing how parmesan is made. The smells were amazing!
Con la zia, siamo andati a vedere un caseificio di parmigiano vicino a dove abita la Novella. Era molto interessante e bello vedere come si fa.

Siamo andate da La Traversetolese.

About to go inside

There are 28 metal tubs that each create 2 wheels of parmesan daily.
Ci sono 28 vasca ed ogni vasca fa 2 forme di parmigiano ogni giorno.

The large wheel gets sliced in two and then gets hung for a few minutes before being placed in the classic form.
La forma viene tagliata in due e poi appesa prima che va nella forma classica.

Lifting the larger wheel

In the form

Once removed from the milk/water solution, the cheese is placed in here to harden overnight

Each wheel is marked with the day/month as well as the tub it came from

This is placed inside the plastic form and is applied to the cheese immediately.
This form is given to each producer directly from the Consortium.
La scritta viene messa quando il parmigiano e' nella forma di plastica. 
Questa scritta viene data al caseificio direttamente dal Consorzio.

After a few days, the cheese is placed in the salt bath for 17 days.
This is where the crust hardens completely forming the shell. 
Poi, viene messo nella vasca di sale per un paio di giorni.
E' qui dove viene la crosta. 

They have over 33,000 wheels.
Loro hanno piu' di 33,000 forme di parmigiano.

They are each marked with the number of the producer (2209)
as well as the month and year produced.
Tutte le forme sono marcate con il numero del caseificio e 
l'anno el mese fatto. 

After a year, the Consortium comes to check each individual form
for any irregularities. If all is good to go, they place their stamp
on the each wheel. In order to be considered Parmigiano Reggiano, 
it must have this stamp.
Dopo un anno, il Consorzio viene per controllare ogni forma.
Se va tutto bene, la marcano con il loro timbro. 

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