Balboa Park Tower

Sunday, February 15, 2015
Balboa Park is celebrating its Centennial and in honor of that, the Balboa Park Tower is open to the public. Noel and I have Explorer passes which allows us to go into the museums. One of the perks was that we were able to purchase discounted tickets for the Tower Tour. The day we went up was a gorgeous and clear day. We had expansive views of all of San Diego. If you are coming to San Diego this year, I highly recommend checking it out!
Balboa Park sta celebrando 100 anni a San Diego. Quest'anno, hanno aperto la torre principale alla gente. Io e la Noel abbiamo un abbonamento che ci lascia entrare nei musei senza pagare. Ci da acceso a certi eventi a un prezzo scontato. Il giorno che noi siamo andati su, era una giornata bellissima! Si vedeva tutta San Diego!

The tower (we climbed to the first set of windows)

View to the east

Last set of stairs up

View to the north

View to the west

Chimes that play the bells


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