A brand new school year

Monday, September 7, 2015
One of the reasons that Simone and I were so busy while he was here was because I got a new job! I got a job in a public school teaching first grade. It is SUCH a change from fourth, but I'm having so much fun! Simone was the best and packed up my entire old classroom and moved everything into my house/bedroom. A week later, my neighbor helped move all of my boxes into my new classroom. It's been a whirlwind, but I'm so excited for this new opportunity! My class is giant and not everything is set up quite yet, but it's definitely getting there! Here are some pictures!
Uno dei motivi che io e Simone eravamo cosi impegnati era perche' ho cambiato scuole. Mi hanno offerto un lavoro in una scuola pubblica' molto buona e l'ho preso. Adesso avro' una classe di prima che e' molto diversa dalla quarta pero' sono molto contenta. Simone mi ha' impacchettato tutta la classe vecchia e portato tutto a casa. Poi, il mio vicino mi ha portato tutto nella classe nuova. Non e' ancora messa aposto del tutto, pero' va bene per adesso!


Almost there/Ci siamo quasi..........

After a week in it and the final touches/dopo una settimana e l'ultime cose.........

I love how it turned out! My classroom feels very warm and inviting and I love teaching in it!
Sono molto contenta con la mia classe! Mi piace venire a scuola e insegnare tutti giorni!

Click here to go to my classroom blog to see more detailed pics/explanations!


Acme Baking Company said...

Simone and james get props. But the poor old fool who hangs fabric and puts stickers on books is just swept under the rug. #tear :) its a super fun classroom!!!

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