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Saturday, October 24, 2015
Liz, a good friend from high school, was going to be in LA and asked if I would come up and spend the weekend with her! Of course I went up and hung out! 
Liz, una amica dal liceo era a Los Angeles e mi ha chiesto se volevo andare su e passare il weekend con lei. Ci siamo divertite molto e ho visto tante cose nuove!

Hollywood sign

Sunday morning, we took a tour of the Chinese Theater. It was such a neat tour and our tour guide told us all about the history of the theater. It is a beautiful theater!
Domenica mattine, abbiamo fato il giro del Chinese Theater (dove fanno tanti premiere dei film, e di fianco fanno i Oscars). Era molto bello perche' ci hanno spiegato la storia del cinema.

Hand painted murals

Vivien Leigh's Premiere Dress

Wood carved ceiling

Actors rub the head, shoulder, and arm of this mannequin
for good luck before premieres.

Julie Andrews premiere dress (Thoroughly Modern Millie)

After our theater tour, we headed to lunch with my friends Amy and Tim. We stumbled upon the Hollywood Farmers Market that was in full swing.
Dopo il teatro, siamo andati a mangiare con la mia amica Amy. Abbiamo scoperto il mercato di Hollywood che era stupendo!

After an AMAZING lunch at Kitchen 24

From lunch, Liz and I headed towards the Getty Museum. We saw some signs for some open houses in Bel-Air and decided to take a look. There are some stunning homes there, all priced at a reasonable $11 million plus.
Dopo pranzo, ci siamo vicinati al Getty Museum. Abbiamo visto dei cartelli per delle case allora ci siamo passati. Abbiamo visto delle case stupende, tutte a un prezzo ragionevole di $11 milioni e su! ;)

After we house-shopped, we wandered through the Getty and saw the gardens and some of the art. It is always such a gorgeous view!
Dopo che abbiamo cercato casa, siamo andate al museo dove abbiamo girato nel giardino e visto dei quadri. C'e' una vista meravigliosa!

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