Firenze Reunion!

Saturday, February 11, 2017
I've known Amy for ages (9 years to be exact!) and she recently got married in October. I haven't seen her or her husband since due to schedules and life, but for their wedding, I gave them the Kitchen Aid pasta maker. They wanted to come down and learn how to make pasta, so that's exactly what we did.
Io conosco la Amy da tanti anni. Si e' sposata a ottobre, e non ci eravamo ancora viste. Io le ho regalato l'aggegio per fare la pasta, pero' non sapeva come farla. Allora, un weekend, lei e suo marito sono venuti a San Diego per imparare.

We ended up make spaghetti which turned out so pretty!

I made this Lemon Bliss Cake. Make it. It's delicious.

The main course.
Amy's fried eggplant were divine!

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