Sunday, April 16, 2017
Lots of pictures here!
Tante foto adesso!

I took the train Monday morning for London. I was only going to be in London for 25 hours or so, and tried to hit up all of the major sights. I would go back to London, but I'd go back to other places in England first.
Lunedi' mattina, ho preso il treno per andare a Londra. Sono stata a Londra solo 25 ore e ho cercato di fare tutto. Ci tornerei a Londra, pero' andrei prima in altri posti in Inghilterra.

I headed immediately over to Kings Cross to see Platform 9 and 3/4. I would have waited to get my picture taken, but the line was 2 hours long so.... no.
Sono andata subito a Kings Cross per vedere la Platform 9 and 3/4. Ci sarei stata per fare una foto, pero' la fila era 2 ore

My hotel

I headed straight to the boats to go to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian.
La prima cosa che volevo fare era andare a vedere Greenwich per vedere il primo meridiano.

London Eye

Houses of Parliament

Big Ben/Houses of Parliament/London Eye

London Bridge

Tower Bridge

The weather seemed like it was going to rain so I only brought rain boots.
It didn't rain. In fact, it was hot and sunny.
Quando avevo guardato il tempo, sembrava che dovesse piovere allora ho portato solo i stivali per la pioggia. Non e' piovuto. In fatti, c'era caldo e c'era il sole.

Once back in London, I wandered around and snapped pictures of the sights.
Quando sono tornata a Londra, ho girato e ho fatto tante foto.

The next day, I woke up early and headed to the Tower of London. I bought my ticket ahead of time (definitely recommend) and was one of the first people inside (also a definite recommend). I wanted to do a Beefeater Tour, but had an hour before it started to headed straight to the Crown Jewels. It was so nice because no one else was in there yet so I could calmly look at everything a few times without a crowd.
Martedi' mi sono svegliata presto e sono andata a vedere la Torre. Avevo gia' preso il mio biglietto ed ero una delle prime dentro. Era molto bello perche' sono riuscita a vedere i gioielli senza molta gente. Poi, ho fatto la visita guidata.

This is where they used to behead people

I made it to Buckingham Palace but didn't research it enough to realize that the Changing of the Guards is only 2 times a week. It was still pretty cool to see the palace in person.
Sono andata al Buckingham Palace, pero' non avevo guardato per vedere il cambio delle guardie allora l'ho mancato. Pero' era molto bello.


I HAD to go to Selfridge's after watching it on Masterpiece.
Dovevo andare da Selfridge dopo averlo visto in televisione

Wandering through Notting Hill

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