Saturday, September 16, 2017
Over Labor Day weekend, I headed to Omaha, Nebraska. I've never spent time in the Midwest, coupled with Rich and Brian now living there, and a cheap (direct) flight on Alaska, meant that my Labor Day was spent in the Midwest! It was the perfect weekend to kick off September.
Per Labor Day weekend, sono andata a Omaha, Nebraska. Io non sono mai stata nel Midwest (non e' che c'e' molto da fare or vedere), Rich e Brian, i miei amici di San Diego si sono trasferiti li, e ho trovato un volo da poco, allora sono andata! Era il weekend perfetto per cominciare settembre.

I kept seeing this ice cream chain so we had to stop and get some ice cream.
Questo e' una specie di diner che c'e' a Omaha e ci siamo fermati a prendere un gelato.

Morning coffee!

We walked around the Old Market in Omaha on Saturday morning and it was quite charming!
Sabato mattina, siamo andati a passeggiare nel mercato vecchio. Era carino come posto!

Rich and Brian had a friend who was having a wedding reception, so I crashed it.

Dinner at Dante Pizzeria complete with Spritz!

Sunday morning, we made pasta. Rich and Brian have this gorgeous house with a large kitchen and kitchen island that is meant for making pasta. We made the pasta and the pasta sauce and it turned out delicious!
Domenica mattina abbiamo fatto la pasta. La cucina di Rich e Brian e' enorme e hanno un counter perfetto per fare la pasta. Abbiamo anche fatto il sugo. Tutto era buonissimo!

Arrabbiata sauce + fresh ground pork + rosemary + red pepper flakes


The only group shot we got - pardon the blurriness!
Chris and Hulisses were also in town to see the Nebraska game! 

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