Chief's Luau

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
On one of our last nights, we headed to Ko'Olina for the Chief's Luau. It was a very cool experience because I had never experienced a true luau.
Una delle ultime sera, siamo andati a vedere un Luau. Era una esperienza unica perche' io non l'avevo mai fatto.

A little bit of fun in the sun!

They cooked a traditional Kalua Pig that was so good! Inspired by this, I found this recipe online for making Kalua pig at home. It turned out quite tasty!
Hanno fatto un maiale tradizionale che era molto buono. Io ho poi trovato una ricetta per farlo a casa che e' venuto molto buono!

The show included homage to multiple Polynesian Islands. The men and women danced traditional dances from each of the islands. It was so cool! The fire dancers at the end were astonishing - I couldn't look away!
Lo spettacolo era basato sulle isole in Polynesia. Hanno ballato a canzoni tradizonali dei paese di cui vengono. Era fatto proprio bene!


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